Research Administration Services units provide faculty assistance with pre and post award research administration activities.


To support Emory’s research goals through providing best-in-class delivery of research administration support services to Principal Investigators, departments, and the University.  Services provided by RAS will be:

  • Customer-focused
  • Consistent
  • Compliant
  • Cost-effective
  • Collaborative
  • Continuously improved

Message from Dr. David Wynes, Vice President, Office of Research Administration, August 2016



The RAS model was piloted in two schools beginning 2013 May and, over the next three years, was implemented across the remainder of the campus.  The complete compliment of 9 RAS units were in place as of 2016 June.  This innovative model is comprised of school and center employees who have a direct-line reporting structure to a central leader within Research Administration for their performance and held accountable for adherence to standard University operating procedures.

We are pleased at the results that we’ve been able to achieve together as we have made clear progress on the drivers for the model, i.e., consistent quality research administration support services to all faculty members, and improved post-award financial management and compliance. These results could not have been realized without the strong support of the University’s leadership at the highest levels and the partnership of schools, departments, centers, and institutes. 

Strategic Advisory Board (SAB)

The SAB for Research Administration has been established which encompasses faculty and administrative leaders from across the campus. The mission of SAB is to:  Provide informed guidance, recommendations, and support to help ensure that Research Administration services provided by RAS, OSP, OTT and FGC effectively meet the needs of the University, faculty, and schools/departments across Emory.  


  • The Associate Vice President for Research Administration (AVP), acting on behalf of the Vice President, has responsibility for day-to-day resource allocation; however the overall school/unit investment levels (in consideration of faculty satisfaction, service levels, institutional risk, and resource constraint tradeoffs) is determined in partnership with the Dean/Director and the CBO of the schools/units served.
  • Operational support, collaboration, open and direct communication, and a common single vision are required from several units, including the schools, centers and institutes, Research Administration, Finance, Human Resources, and Information Technology to achieve success.

RAS Structure and Reporting Lines

  • The AVP is responsible for and held accountable for leading RAS Units. 
  • The RAS Directors, in conjunction to the AVP, are accountable to the schools/units they support for the performance of their responsibilities.
  • The RAS Directors are critical leaders who play a decisive role in the effective service delivery and staff development within the RAS units.  All RAS Directors report directly to the AVP.
  • The AVP has management responsibility for RAS Directors and their staff, including:  
    • Establishing RAS goals and priorities
    • HR processes and approvals including, but not limited to, hiring, performance evaluation, and resolution of employee performance and other concerns
    • Assignment of resources (human and other) within and across RAS units
    • Identifying opportunities for RAS process improvements
    • Addressing challenges facing RAS individual and collective units
  • School/Department/Unit CBOs/Administrators are accountable for:
    • Active, engaged partnership, support, commitment, and cooperation in making the RAS units a success
    • Providing feedback to the AVP and RAS Directors on the performance of the RAS Unit 
    • Providing relevant input, documentation and supporting materials to be used in performance evaluations, performance improvement plans, etc.
    • Periodic meetings with AVP and RAS Directors regarding overall goals and performance of the RAS unit  

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For additional information about RAS, please visit: www.ras.emory.edu.