RAS - Yerkes

For Pre-Award Support:

If you plan on submitting a proposal or otherwise need pre-award support, please contact ras.yerkes@emory.edu. Within 48 hours, a RAS Pre-Award Administrator will contact you to begin support. We ask that you use this email address to ensure your request is addressed as quickly and consistently as possible.

If you have been working with a Pre-Award Administrator on an existing proposal or issue, do not hesitate to follow up with them directly!

For Post-Award Support:

Upon receipt of an eNOA, the RAS Post-Award Administrator assigned to your award will contact you.  For now, Research Administrators will continue to manage research grants for the units they have been serving.  However, if you are unsure who to contact about an existing award or outstanding issue, please email ras.yerkes@emory.edu and someone will respond within 24-48 hours.


Kim Rowell


954 Gatewood Road NE

Atlanta, Georgia 30329

Email:  ras.yerkes@emory.edu