Director's Message

The Hospital and Specialty Services (HSS) RAS launched in June 2016 as the ninth and final RAS unit at Emory University.  As Director of this unit, I am excited that our team has an opportunity to provide outstanding Pre and Post award support to a portion of Emory’s vast and dynamic research community. Our ongoing goal is to play a key role in fostering an environment conducive to the success of the faculty we serve.

Our strong commitment to research and compliance gives us the underlying foundation to maintain a consistent level of service to our faculty, based on RAS standard operating procedures, documented roles and responsibilities and ongoing training.  The HSS team is comprised of dedicated, qualified, and knowledgeable individuals, with many years of experience in the area of research administration.

We are aligned with the mission of RAS Central Operations in our commitment to provide ongoing customer-focused, consistent, compliant, cost-effective, collaborative and continuously improved services to our faculty. 

Fran Davis

Fran Davis

Director, RAS Hospital and Specialty Services