Welcome to the Research Administration Services (RAS) website. On this site, you can find important links, information on each RAS unit, and an overview of the RAS Central Operations team. If you have questions or want to provide feedback, please contact Denise Ehlen, Associate Vice President, at denise.ehlen@emory.edu.

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Goal 1: Maintain and Improve RAS Operations

  • Identify and participate in faculty outreach
  • Develop CRM Plan for RAS Central and each RAS unit and launch
  • Migrate RAS blackboard to RASnet
  • Support R&R projects led by ORA
  • Maintain monthly deficit management process
  • Maintain pre-review for 95% effort certifications
  • Develop service level agreements
  • Complete transition of final FSR reviews from FGC to RAS
  • Continue to refine and implement RAS KPIs

Goal 2: Support RAS Task Force Improvement Study

  • Improve collaborative culture of research administration and faculty / RAS engagement
  • Improve financial reporting
  • Reduce turnover and improve RAS staff engagement
  • Engage in current state analysis and future process improvement and stakeholder education

Goal 3: Continue to Develop RAS Staff Professional and Technical Competencies

  • Build presentation library
  • Develop / launch training modules
  • Develop quarterly "Town Hall" meetings
  • Engage directors in review of team-building methods and models
  • Complete the L&OD development series (RAS Directors)
  • Review and develop improvements fo current onboarding and orientation process

Goal 4: Finalize and Launch Award Complexity Tool

  • Develop process for 2017-2018 data collection
  • Finalize and launch capacity analysis

Goal 5: Reduce Efforts Related to Proposal Reviews Across RAS and OSP

  • Develop action plan, provide training and / or resource support to relevant reviewers, and implement
  • Complete analysis of risk and develop strategies to manage risk as / if appropriate


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